iNoCrash is a tutorial app to show how to stop 3rd party apps from crashing when you open them.

This method doesnt work on broken apps.

Get Started

Install a signed app from EonHub or any other store.

Step 2

Trust the certificate by opening the Settings app > Go to General > Scroll to the bottom and open Device Managment > Tap on the enterprise certificate and tap Trust.

Step 3

Open Settings > Tap Wi-Fi > Tap the "i" next to your network > Scroll down and tap Configure Proxy > Tap Manual, View example for the next step.

Final Step

Tap Save, Turn Wi-Fi off for 3 seconds then turn it back on, Go to Settings > Tap Safari > Scroll down and tap Clear History and Website Data.

Final Thoughts

If you did everything correctly you should be able to open your apps that were crashing.

Thank you and lets break the limits of Apple.

Copyright 2020 Ignition